Welcome to Global Training Academy.

Welcome to Global Training Academy, one of the prominent names in the field of international value based teacher training courses. We offer high-quality courses which transforms aspiring teachers into teaching experts who can confidently face the challenges of the world of globalized teaching. GTA aims to produce future teachers with a unique set of abilities to teach learners from diverse backgrounds. GTA emphasizes more on practical application as it is believed to be the best way to learn and accommodate different modes of education. It also believes that there can be nothing better than self directed and self paced education.

GTA’s teacher training courses will enhance the teacher’s effectiveness by giving them a proper grounding in all areas of child development and early childhood teaching. The array of courses will give the aspiring teachers to pick programs according to their interests and requirements as these kinds of training will help the early childhood educators to learn the methods of planned teaching through play and experiments. Even professional teachers can hone their teaching skills as these courses give a keen insight into the teaching methods of early childhood education. Moreover, the teacher training courses are becoming compulsory for aspiring educators these days because they have a direct impact on the development of children and lay the foundation for the future learning of children.

GTA has already earned international recognition by providing courses with comprehensive curriculums, expert faculty and earnest support team. The courses on offering- Early Childhood Education (ECE), Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE), Montessori Teacher Training (MTT), Nursery Teacher Training (NTT) and Primary/Elementary Teacher Training (PPTT) are designed to train future teachers to be competent enough to teach a diverse range of students and can easily keep up with the regular challenges that 21st century teaching sometimes poses. The courses will be intensive learning experiences for the trainees as they cover all the aspects of childhood education and as these early years are a critical stage for development of a child it is extremely important for teachers in early education to be ably trained as the training will help to develop the sensibilities which an early childhood educator needs.

The focus is on child centric learning which includes storytelling, rhyming games and play. Play is a young learner’s natural way to learn. Learning the know-how of teaching young learners is a challenging task. Teaching pre-school kids opens a whole new world of experimental teaching worldwide for those who are eager to help young children and give them a great start in life. With proper teacher training one can pursue a great career in early childhood education. The teachers are usually engaged in planning, organizing and running an extensive range of indoor and outdoor activities pertaining to early childhood learning.